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Look, the TwoTeam has moved to Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/pages/Logjammin/197252043640532

And Logjammin’ 13 is out, woohoo!


T & B

Logjammin’ 10 – The anniversary summer mixes

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↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn & Black Belt Jones present “Logjammin’ 10 – A”

↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn & Black Belt Jones present “Logjammin’ 10 – B”

Alright friends of beer, sun & good music!

Jackie Treehorn & Black Belt Jones are back and they dressed up!

We got something to celebrate:

Ten years ago, two good looking guys did justice to beer & grillables. All served with suitable music that was finally overweight on the first Logjammin’-Sampler. A far-reaching decision: The Logjammin’-series was born! In 2007 Treehorn & Jones decided to focus their individual sound together on the first TwoTeam-Sampler in history: Logjammin’ 07. The temporary highlight is the following double-sided anniversary-sampler: Logjammin’ 10.

Side A has the style of the latest Logjammin’-releases, while side B is a revival of the roots with classics like “Copa” or “Türlich”.

We arranged with the weather and the FIFA, to start the release of the “Worldchampion of Samplers” on time with the first hot summerdays.

So have fun & keep logjammin’!

Wir sind okay!

Treehorn & Jones

Be sure to support all the great artist featured:

Side A

Side B


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Prepare to celebrate with us!

Logjammin’ 09: Feedback wanted

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Please tell us which tracks you like!

Logjammin’ 09 – The summer mix

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↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn & Black Belt Jones present “Logjammin’ 09”

Hello everybody!

Summer is on the way! Are you ready for cruisin’ on sunny highways, havin’ some hot barbeque and drinkin’ ice cold beer? Then you should join the official soundtrack of the summer compiled by Jackie Treehorn and Black Belt Jones. We continued the fantastic Logjammin’-series to bring once more the best classic & new sounds that make out a real soundtrack for the hottest season of the year. Again we got some hot tunes for all those who love the sunshine days: Reggae, Funk, Soul, Surf & Steel Drums!

So enjoy the sunny mix and the upcoming summertime.

Be sure to support all of the great artists featured:


Summertime is calling us

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What a great day! Jones’ selection has just arrived, which means compiling Logjammin’ 09 is about to begin. Expect the best!

Booze Brothers OST

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(Full size images inside the zip)

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you’re all feeling well after some great days of drinking a lot. At least this is what we do.
So high time we looked back at 2005 when Jackie Treehorn hit his partner with this tremendous release, Booze Brothers OST.
After a pretty mediocre TreeBelt Syndicate OST T found his way back to TwoTeam funk at its best again.

Be sure not to miss anything of the coolest non-TwoTeam-guy out there: Vincent the Soul Chef at his Fufu Stew,
and remember: Cabs are cars, too.

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