2 Tough Guys OST

2 Tough Guys OST

Based on the glorious idea of Mr. Treehorn to create a soundtrack of a movie staring himself, in mid 2003 “2 Tough Guys O.S.T.” was born: a funky tune with elementary tracks. So what’s new? First of all, the most important thing was to introduce myself in the world of “twoteamfunk”, named after the incredible and almost well-known legend “Black Belt Jones”! But even more than that there was the great idea of giving fictive names to the tracks like in a new composed soundtrack. The names of the tracks all based on things & stories that happened me & mr. Treehorn. Some are true & some are more true. So, the whole things starts to get funny as well.

Of course I forgot, he gave me a thousand… “T.N.T Jackson” and “Junior, The Pimp”, both guys we used to know, are part in that (and later) twoteam-adventures.

“2 Tough Guys” was a funky foretaste of what is to come…

↘↘↘ Black Belt Jones presents “2 TOUGH GUYS OST” (2003)

One Response to “2 Tough Guys OST”

  1. Awesome! Seems like the blaxploitation is starting to flow free… Welcome aboard and the best of luck to you. I’m looking forward to hearing this one when it’s ready. I’ll definitely give you a shoutout on my next post.

    Peace and blessings.

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