Treehorn On The Run OST

Treehorn On The Run OST

Still cruisin’ around in 2003, enjoying the great success of “Treehorn Trouble OST”, Jackie Treehorn was hit by an unexpected counterstrike of a former unknown guy named “Black Belt Jones”: “2 Tough Guys OST”. He reacted as everybody would have done, with scepticism: A new partner? He would have to prove being proficient in T’s technique!
Definitely being amazed by the inventions of the rookie (Extending the line-up with some well-known bastards and naming the tracks after real circumstances), he also noticed the annoying fact of the tracks being unmixed.

So it didn’t disconcert him and he decided to continue his solo career with “Treehorn On The Run”, which later would be known as the last solo case for Jackie Treehorn.

Similar to “Treehorn Trouble” though, the movie itself was a flop again, whereas the soundtrack was another kick in the balls. Introduced by the flute tunes of Jeremy Steig, some vocal tracks from Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers meet classic funky percussion gems (Catch A Groove, Cramp Your Style …) along with the outstanding Razor Blade. The tracks are mixed again, but not yet edited here (which would have been no bad idea with the way too long wah-killer Theme from “Savage”).

↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn presents “Treehorn On The Run OST” (2003)

2 Responses to “Treehorn On The Run OST”

  1. I listened to these mixes this morning and all I can say is TOP NOTCH!. Look for the pingback real soon!

  2. That’s that ish right there!

    Thanks for the comments on my page – it would be a pleasure to be on your blogroll.


    (p.s. I have added you to my blogroll too)

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