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Strike!!! “Cruisin’ Brothers OST” is the 2nd official ‘Jones’-release of a TwoTeam-adventure. In September 2003, only a few month after “2 Tough Guys” hits the floor, an even more funkier sampler should straighten out who’s the champ of diggin’ the funky crates. Themes of chase & cruising, more funk & more blaxploitation are the ingredients of this copshow-receipt. “The Tough Guys are back” was the working title, and this time the fictive names of the tracks are more “title” than “fictive”! I wouldn’t be called ‘Black Belt’, if I don’t bring the whole thing to the next level. I questioned myself: ‘Something is still missing for a Soundtrack of a Motion Picture?’ – Sure! Scenes from the flick! Here we got the first booklet in the young TwoTeam-History.

Let’s jump into the muscle-car, get your guns n’ booze out of the glove box and join the funny wah-wah-action with the twoteam…

↘↘↘ Black Belt Jones presents “Cruisin’ Brothers OST” (2003)

No°1 Title
01. Impressions from work
02. Intro: start the wah wah tape
03. Title theme from “cruisin’ brothers”
04. The streetbeaters are back in town
05. Just two smart guys
06. Break it loose – main theme from “cruisin’ brothers” (vocal)
07. Some latinos want trouble
08. Driving through the blocks
09. Stealing beer
10. Swill it down
11. Cruising after the chase
12. Don’t even think about it, punk!
13. Black belt investigates
14. Something’s wrong in harlem
15. Run treehorn run
16. Badaaassed girls
17. Black belt is laying the pipe (below belt theme)
18. There might be new chicks in town
19. Shake the tree (treehorn’s horny tree theme)
20. They don’t pay alimony
21. Shifting gears
22. At the club
23. Barkeeper from kuuz (dany’s theme)
24. Don’t drink & drive
25. Bacterial cocktails (the awakening)
26. No time for headache
27. His name is black belt jones
28. Still tough
29. Cruisin’ anthem (black belt & treehorn theme, part II)
30. Walking through lonely streets
31. It’s time to kick some asses

Tracks former known as:

No°1 Artist Track
01. Police sequence
02. Willie Hutch Chase
03. JJ Johnson Across 110th street
04. Manu Dibango African battle (B’s edit)
05. Johnny Pate Shaft in africa (addis) (B’s edit)
06. Onyx Break it loose (part II)
07. African Music Machine Congas
08. Manu Dibango Wouri
09. Herbie Hancock Bring down the birds (B’s edit)
10. Freedom Now Sissy walk
11. African Music Machine A girl in france (B’s edit)
12. Gene Page Blacula strikes
13. Rudy Ray Moore The rumble
14. Dayton Sidewinders Funky in here
15. Barry White & Love Unlimited Orchestra You gotta case
16. Gordon Staples & The Motown Strings Strung out
17. The Fatback Band Mister bass man
18. M.F.S.B. k-jee
19. The Chakachas Jungle fever
20. Johnny Pate Truck stop (B’s edit)
21. Incredible Bongo Band Bongolia
22. Rare Funtion Disco function
23. Gil Scott-Heron Living in the bottle (edit)
24. Quincy Jones Hikky burr (edit)
25. Jean Jaques Perrey e.v.a.
26. Bill Chase Get it on
27. Manu Dibango Soul machine (B’s edit)
28. The Blenders Ltd. When ya git through wit it put it back (B’s edit)
29. 4th Coming The dead don’t die alive (part I)
30. Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland Ain’t no love (in the heart of the city)
31. Rudy Ray Moore Major’s get-a-way

9 Responses to “Cruisin’ Brothers OST”

  1. ok, is it just me or is the link to the mix missing?

  2. I’m dying to hear it… the track selection looks fantastic! Bless us please.

  3. My man Jones prefers to not share his early mixes. Maybe these comments do a better job convincing him than I did …

  4. Hi guys!
    Here we go!
    Sorry you had to wait so long, but I had to bring the early projects in the right condition!
    Hope you’ll enjoy!

  5. yo
    I will add you to the blogroll at
    I am d/l a mix now.
    Cheers and keep it funky,

  6. What happened to all the BBJ mixes? They seemed to be removed from mediafire. All the other mixes are up and running. Can someone re-load these? keep up the great work with the mixes

  7. Shit, I’ll tell Jones to reup them and write a post. So watch the RSS!
    Thank you, hellboy!


  8. Ok, this one should be fixed. 2 Tough Guys will have to wait until my man Jones will be back from his holiday.

  9. Thanks Treehorn for reloading the Crusin mix. I’ll check back next week for the 2 tough guys! thanks!

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