Booze Connection OST



(Full size images inside the zip)

At the end of this fantastic year 2003 with an incredible output, Jackie Treehorn decided to finally accept Mr Jones as his partner. Deeply impressed by all the inventions this guy had made, he started to produce “Booze Connection OST”, a real masterpiece which is still one of his favorites. So for the first time “T” invited Slick “TNT” Jackson and Junior “The Pimp” to be part of the next big thing, and apart from that he even managed to convince Berlin’s #1 Booze Fighter Danamyte D to join the line-up.
The result was a soundtrack that exceeded all expectations!
To get “B” down on his knees (surely not for a talk into the pink microphone as he might have hoped), Jackie Treehorn hit him with the full force of his audio-visual arsenal, creating an extremely slick artwork and picking a selection of killer-tracks, which he edited and mixed to an ear-blasting plot. No chase too fast, no cruise too slow, no bid too high and no joke too tasteless. Adding some bad bitches and a couple of beers, he was done setting the pattern for what was to come.

Be sure not to miss all this wah-wah madness, from Apollis via Jesse Anderson to the Montgomery Express. Also pay attention to T’s Gun Fight Edit of Willie Chase and the alcohol-driven Ape Shuffle and Executive Party, perfectly delivering the flavor of the TwoTeam’s working day straight into your ears.
And if any of you guys know tracks 4 & 5, please drop me a line! These heavy ones I once discovered on a mixtape by Mr Ken Sport (Prescription #2, go get it at Mass’s place), who wasn’t willing to answer me …

↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn presents “Booze Connection OST” (2003)

01 Introducing Jackie Treehorn
02 Introducing Black Belt Jones
03 Theme From “Booze Connection”
04 The TwoTeam Hits The Road
05 Streets Of Berlin
06 Junior’s Return
07 Black Belt At The Office
08 “T” Takes Him For A Ride
09 Unexpected Chase
10 Bad, Bad Bitches – TNT’s Lament
11 Hello … What We Got Here!?
12 Damn Fly – Black Belt & Treehorn Theme 3
13 They’re Just Doing Their Job
14 Barbecue At Junior’s Place
15 Undercover Investigation
16 Follow This Car!
17 Cruisin’ To Kuuz
18 Cinzano Theme
19 Gunfight At The Kuuz
20 Drinkin’ With Danamyte
21 Enough Tip – Black Belt’s Love Theme
22 The Morning After
23 Where’s The Chicks? – Cruisin’ Horny
24 Junior’s Last Ride
25 Black Belt Wants Beer – And Gets It!
26 Don’t Call Me “White Belt”!
27 Pursuit Of The Cruising Mobile
28 Faster, Pendejo!
29 End Theme From “Booze Connection”

18 Responses to “Booze Connection OST”

  1. Damn! This shit is smokin’! :¬)


  2. Thank you, man,
    pleased to see you here!


  3. Gentlemen,
    Thanks for the comments ,good stuff !
    Have returned the link over at The Hook And Sling.

    Keep up the good work
    Mr Double Down

  4. guys, would you mind to add an rss-feed, that would make the blog much more comfortable

  5. You boys are kickin’ it up over here, huh?

    GREAT stuff, yo!

    Thanks! I’ll link ya…

    red kelly

  6. Das ist aber wirklich funky. Danke vielmals!


  7. Thank you all for this warm words. Nice to see you are liking this madness which used to be just a series of private jokes between Jones and me.

    RSS of course is supported, now also in the sidebar.


    Chris aka “T”

  8. …time to get drunk! I promise I won’t drink and drive. Thanks for what is sure to be another tremendous soundtrack!

    Peace and blessings.

  9. finally some funny guys in this tight asses way to serious blog thing
    now that i found you what i am gonna do with it?????

  10. Vincent, glad to hear you like another sin of my youth! And even better to know you won’t be cutting capers … 😉

    Mr Mass, nice to meet you here. The TwoTeam is always at your service, bringin’ the fun into funk …
    Thank you so much for keeping the Ken-Sport-tape available!

    Cheers, T

  11. i really enjoyed this mix. The dub edits especially

  12. RB, thank you very much! You’re right, this might be my favorite part also. I thought they both screamed for being slightly edited and put next to each other.


  13. Incredible Hawkes Says:

    Aw hell yeah this is that stuff dreams are made of I’m lovin the site and the music …….add to favorites

  14. Sssssssmokin’!

    You are a godsend for anyone stuck in “all classic rock, all the time” rural america. And for a guy like me in Hamburg, Germany!


  15. Thank y’all!
    It’s incredible to get such great feedback from all you guys. It seems to be the right decision to (re-)release this formerly private fun …

    Just wait until Jones returns from his vacations to bring us a bit nearer to the present.



  16. That’s a smokin blog here! Your work is definitely appreciated. I decided to give something back to the bloggers and just created my own blog, dedicated to the Cti-Label. Feel free to drop by:


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