Logjammin’ 09 – The summer mix



↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn & Black Belt Jones present “Logjammin’ 09”

Hello everybody!

Summer is on the way! Are you ready for cruisin’ on sunny highways, havin’ some hot barbeque and drinkin’ ice cold beer? Then you should join the official soundtrack of the summer compiled by Jackie Treehorn and Black Belt Jones. We continued the fantastic Logjammin’-series to bring once more the best classic & new sounds that make out a real soundtrack for the hottest season of the year. Again we got some hot tunes for all those who love the sunshine days: Reggae, Funk, Soul, Surf & Steel Drums!

So enjoy the sunny mix and the upcoming summertime.

Be sure to support all of the great artists featured:


8 Responses to “Logjammin’ 09 – The summer mix”

  1. You are DYNAMYTE guys, thanks for sharing ur stuff!

    Greetings from funky Italy

  2. The Rapper Says:

    Loved the whole set to be honest, it’s been in the car cd for 2 weeks! Love the Message remix. Thanks guys.

  3. Any chance of re-upping some of the past mixes please!

  4. Thanks y’all, great to hear you dig it!
    Rapper, why don’t you drop me a line and tell me which are of interest for you?

    • The Rapper Says:

      Hi! it’s the ones with dead links I think (Logjammin’ 07 – A Winterlude, Booze Connection OST, Cruisin’ Brothers OST, Treehorn On The Run OST, 2 Tough Guys OST, Treehorn Trouble OST) Looking forward to hearing them! Thanks.

  5. Awesome, especially the last two tracks + #14 + #15.

  6. Me too really want to hear ALL THE COMP!!!!any chance?

  7. Rapper and gino,
    please write me an e-mail to jackie __ÄT__ treehorn _DÖT_ de …

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