Logjammin’ 09: Feedback wanted

Please tell us which tracks you like!

3 Responses to “Logjammin’ 09: Feedback wanted”

  1. hey u guys,

    sorry for the late reply but yes ur summer mix ‘rocks’ like hell (i can hardly say ‘souls’,lol). been listening to it all summer, and what a summer it was, and must say i enjoy it very much. can’t pull out any song as i never look what is playing, i mean i know i put on ur mix so why should i look when a new song is starting.

    can u c how many times the mix was downloaded??? coz, i find it terrible that ppl didn’t react on ur query to give feedback. i didn’t as i have difficulties in writing English. it just takes me lots of time to think my thoughts in English, i hope i make any sense.

    i appreciate all the effort that went in this compilation and looking forward to the next mix.

    keep well and busy,

    c ya Yvan

    • Yvan,

      thanks a lot for your great feedback! It’s really cool to hear you enjoy the music as much as we do. We can’t wait to start working on Logjammin’ 10, the anniversary edition that needs to be extraordinary.
      Then there’ll be re-releases of all Logjammins of 10 years, so be sure to stay tuned and keep on dropping us some lines …

      Actually there have only been about 100 downloads so far, so we do not worry too much about the small feedback. As long as there are people like you around that see the effort and enjoy the result!

      Jackie Treehorn

  2. cool mix guys!

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