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Summertime is calling us

Posted in Interludes with tags , , , , on Friday, 2009-02-6 by Jackie Treehorn


What a great day! Jones’ selection has just arrived, which means compiling Logjammin’ 09 is about to begin. Expect the best!


T’s funky pool

Posted in Interludes with tags , , , , , on Thursday, 2007-12-20 by Jackie Treehorn

The pool right now

Still a lot of work ahead shrinking my funky pool to a new set of killer-tracks … (T is not sleeping, Mr Jones!)

In the meantime we will be re-releasing our whole back-catalogue here, soon starting with the legandary “Treehorn Trouble OST”!
So prepare your muscle cars for cruising and chasing and stay tuned for all the long-lost soundtracks of our lives, funky as shit and bad as hell.