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Logjammin’ 10 – The anniversary summer mixes

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↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn & Black Belt Jones present “Logjammin’ 10 – A”

↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn & Black Belt Jones present “Logjammin’ 10 – B”

Alright friends of beer, sun & good music!

Jackie Treehorn & Black Belt Jones are back and they dressed up!

We got something to celebrate:

Ten years ago, two good looking guys did justice to beer & grillables. All served with suitable music that was finally overweight on the first Logjammin’-Sampler. A far-reaching decision: The Logjammin’-series was born! In 2007 Treehorn & Jones decided to focus their individual sound together on the first TwoTeam-Sampler in history: Logjammin’ 07. The temporary highlight is the following double-sided anniversary-sampler: Logjammin’ 10.

Side A has the style of the latest Logjammin’-releases, while side B is a revival of the roots with classics like “Copa” or “Türlich”.

We arranged with the weather and the FIFA, to start the release of the “Worldchampion of Samplers” on time with the first hot summerdays.

So have fun & keep logjammin’!

Wir sind okay!

Treehorn & Jones

Be sure to support all the great artist featured:

Side A

Side B


Logjammin’ 09 – The summer mix

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↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn & Black Belt Jones present “Logjammin’ 09”

Hello everybody!

Summer is on the way! Are you ready for cruisin’ on sunny highways, havin’ some hot barbeque and drinkin’ ice cold beer? Then you should join the official soundtrack of the summer compiled by Jackie Treehorn and Black Belt Jones. We continued the fantastic Logjammin’-series to bring once more the best classic & new sounds that make out a real soundtrack for the hottest season of the year. Again we got some hot tunes for all those who love the sunshine days: Reggae, Funk, Soul, Surf & Steel Drums!

So enjoy the sunny mix and the upcoming summertime.

Be sure to support all of the great artists featured:


Summertime is calling us

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What a great day! Jones’ selection has just arrived, which means compiling Logjammin’ 09 is about to begin. Expect the best!

T and B play it cool

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At Jackie’s Wedding Party, after a phantastic gig of Plan 9: Jackie Treehorn and Black Belt Jones givin’ the crowd what they deserve …

Logjammin’ 08 – The summer mix

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↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn & Black Belt Jones present “Logjammin’ 08”

Phew! We’ve been pretty busy with this one, you can believe it …
The annual Logjammin’-compilation is always something special for us. The first Logjammin’ back in 1999 was like the forefather of all TwoTeam compilation to come, made by Jackie Treehorn for BBQing at Jones’ place. Since then, many beers died, crates grew, people became fastidious and the Logjammin’-series is no one man show any longer.
Logjammin’ 07 was the starting point of both our collaboration and www-campaign and one of the best summer mixes ever created. So it was hard for us to top it, again compiling a broad variety of the hottest music and creating a fitting cover mirroring as much summer spirit as possible while making you smile. After finishing that and solving some technical issues, we are really proud to present you another milestone: Logjammin’ 08!

We hope you like it as much as we do.
Many thanks for your great support!

Be sure to support all of the great artists featured:
Ray Barretto
Joe Bataan
Paul Burton
Carol Cool
Dee Edwards
Georgie Fame
Family Plann
Fantastic Shakers
Sylvia Hall
Marcia Hines
Jimmy “Bo” Horne
Marsha Hunt
Incredible Bongo Band

Karolina & Funset

Jackie Mittoo
Judson Moore
Alfred E Neumann
Johnny Osbourne
Lee Perry
Harold Richardson
Tamba 4
The TSU Tornadoes

The TwoTeam got and always gets inspired by the choices of these gentlemen. If you like what we do, you’ll love what they do:
Paul Irish’s Aurgasm
DJ Kinetic’s Aussiefunk
DJ Prestige’s Fleamarket Funk
Vincent the Soul Chef’s Fufu Stew
Larry Grogan’s Funky 16 Corners
DJ Double K’s Parkdale Funk
Suspect’s Place

The font Jackie Treehorn chose is the free all caps version of Tim Ahrens’ great JAF Zalamander.

Across 21st Gaudystreet OST

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Let’s jump into 2004! Treehorn moved to Berlin a few years ago. In 2004 it was the first time that Jones visited his partner in the Treehorn-mansion. After this 72-hour-beer-drinkin’-contest between Jones & Treehorn (easy to guess who won) the funk-contest had to continue as well. Determined not to waste any time, Black Belt started to work on a new compilation to digest all experienced (…before Treehorn could). Based on the Blaxploitation-flick “Across 110th Street” (superb soundtrack & the movie itself is maybe one of the best of its genre) the name of the new counterstrike was quickly found: “Across 21st Gaudystreet”. The cover with black mustache & dark sunglasses shows the differences to other compilations: fewer of Blaxploitation more of Poliziotteschi. Featuring the all-time-favorite-composers ‘Guido & Maurizio deAngelis’, the incredible ‘Orchestra Ambros Seelos’ or the interesting ‘I Gres’, to name but a few examples for funky European music. Meanwhile, it was usual to give every song a dramaturgic edit, to mix it up & to create a convincing artwork. So enjoy the next big hit by Black Belt Jones. Don’t miss the nice “Fania All Stars Edit”, the extraordinary sound of “Airto Fogo” or the got-to-have-that-record-funk of Ramsey & Co.’s “Love Call”. The icing on the cake is the special guest appearance by “K” a.k.a. Klaus Kinski, who’s got some warm German words for all of us. And please bear with some self-given titles, but my Italian is not as good as my Swahili…

↘↘↘ Black Belt Jones presents “Across 21st Gaudystreet OST” (2004)

01. Flight Over Berlin
02. Being Back, Makin’ Noise
03. Tema Da ‘Across 21st Gaudystreet’
04. Bar Investigations
05. Finding Suspect Beer
06. Late Night Action On Scaffold & T’s Unused Bed
07. Signore Del Amore Trains His Love Muscle
08. Well, Log Means…(Incepparsi Del Ceppo)
09. Where Cruising Ends
10. ‘T’ Introduces ‘B’ Into The Wonderful World Of Smut
11. At T.N.T.’sYour Dreams Come True (If You Gotta Money!)
12. Cruisin’ in ‘B’- Mobile
13. New Adventures In Beer
14. Double Chick-Trap
15. Dixi’s End
16. Fighting Without Toe
17. Cruising With Signore Del Amore (Buying Meat Anthem)
18. Two Team On The Way
19. Kings Of Clubscene
20. 36 Floor (Theme From Elevator)
21. Girls, Guns N’ Gambling
22. Plan ‘B’ (All On Red)
23. Bad Consequences Being Croupier
24. Inseguimento Di Casino Del Obligat
25. ‘T’s Subway Sleep & ‘B’s Stupid Laugh
26. Real Horse Salami
27. Sure He Did! Signore’s Intermezzo
28. Hitting The Streets The Old Way
29. This Could Have Been Danamyte’s Theme
30. Trasportatori Della Birra
31. Meeting Jam Master Jules & The Jaegermeister Cooperation
32. Waiting For The Next Episode
33. Arrivederci Per Il Momento
34. Tema Di Conclusione Da ‘Acroos 21st Gaudystreet’

Logjammin’ 07 – A Winterlude

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Ok folks, Jones just arrived from his holidays, and now it’s my turn to be away for some days. And people want music!
Since the winter doesn’t seem to end, enjoy the infamous official soundtrack of the last summer: Logjammin’ 07! This was the turning point in the history of the TwoTeam, from competition to collaboration, at last!

Be sure to visit the stars from this release:
The Dynamics
The Go! Team
… and all the others.

↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn and Black Belt Jones present “Logjammin’ 07” (2007)

2 (Am I) The Same Girl Charmaine Burnette
3 (I’ll Be) A Happy Man The Latin Blues Band feat. Luis Aviles
4 Take A Letter Maria Dandy Livingstone
5 Hung Up On My Baby (Treehorn Edit) El Michels Affair
6 Move On Up The Dynamics
7 Everybody Loves The Sunshine Roy Ayers
8 Point Break (Jones Edit) The Bambi Molesters
9 This Is The Lost Generation (Jones Edit) The Lost Generation
11 Oooh Baby (Treehorn Edit) Pamoja
12 Girls Moments & Whatnauts
13 Baby Got Back Richard Cheese
14 Ladyflash The Go!Team
15 Celebration Suite (Jones Edit) Airto Moreira
16 Don’t Touch Me Tomatoe George Symonette
17 Tainted Love Grandmagneto
18 Up Town Top Rankin’ Althea & Donna
19 Civilisation Keith Hudson
21 Calhoun Surf Los Straightjackets
22 The Godfather Satan’s Pilgrims
23 Synthetic Substitution (Treehorn Edit) Melvin Bliss
24 We’re Gonna Make It New World
25 The Groove I’m In Florence Miller
27 Summertime’s Calling Me The Catalinas