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The TreeBelt Syndicate OST

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(Full size images inside the zip)

Summer is over kiddies, so forget the laid back vibes and prepare for some more uncompromising funk from Jackie Treehorn: Another re-release from 2004. See and hear Treehorn & Jones in top form and be sure not to stop before the last track, which will hit you if nothing else does!

↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn presents “The TreeBelt Syndicate OST” (2004)

Partners In Krime OST

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(Full size images inside the zip)

Let’s continue with the real Treehorn deal! After the incredible impact of Booze Connection OST, hopes had grown really high, so Jackie Treehorn decided in 2004 to invite the legendary Lord Fuck to add some tracks. He didn’t hesitate and grabbed some great vinyls from his crates, which perfectly matched the rest and made Partners In Krime OST an adaquate successor. Listen to “Wah Wah Man” catching the vibe straight outta his bedroom, while the outstanding “Gatur Bait” should not be missing when driving the infamous battleship-grey Lord Fuck mobile. So together with Treehorn’s choices – sure shots like “Synthetic Substitution”, “The Champ”, “Hung Up” and “Iron Leg” next to special edited percussion gems like “Got Myself A Good Man” and “Funky Fast Bump” – and packed into another great Treehorn design, the flair of guns, cars and girls is taken to the top again. Enjoy!

↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn (with special Guest Selecter Lord Fuck) presents “Partners In Krime OST” (2004)

1 Let’s Do It Again! – Intro
2 Early Morning Chase
3 Black Belt & Treehorn Theme 5
4 B’s Subway Ride
5 Berlin Traffic
6 You Got Talent, Baby!*
7 Sunny Day Cruise
8 Two Team, Six Packs, One Lake And A Hundred Asses
9 Theme From “Partners In Krime”
10 Drive-By Shooting
11 T’s Desert Eagle .50 Theme
12 Deep Throat – Lord’s Theme*
13 Talk Into TNT’s Pink Microphone, Honey!
14 Face Down Ass Up*
15 Nobody Fucks With Black Belt Jones
16 Baby Got Back
17 Cruising Theme From “Partners In Krime”
18 The Tree Stands Tall
19 Lord Checks Out New Treehorn Adult Material*
20 B’s Way Of Investigation
21 Double Trouble At The Casino
22 Investing The Money In Beer
23 Adding Some Heady Cocktails
24 “D” Stands For Drinking – Danamyte’s Anthem
25 No Chase Too Fast
26 Kit Kat Klubbin’
27 Beatin’ Up Some Queers
28 No Smoking – B Lost His Tweezers
29 Searchin’ For A Place To Sleep
30 Throwing Stones
31 Leaving Without Saying Goodbye
32 Maybe May …

*) Chosen by Lord Fuck

Across 21st Gaudystreet OST

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Let’s jump into 2004! Treehorn moved to Berlin a few years ago. In 2004 it was the first time that Jones visited his partner in the Treehorn-mansion. After this 72-hour-beer-drinkin’-contest between Jones & Treehorn (easy to guess who won) the funk-contest had to continue as well. Determined not to waste any time, Black Belt started to work on a new compilation to digest all experienced (…before Treehorn could). Based on the Blaxploitation-flick “Across 110th Street” (superb soundtrack & the movie itself is maybe one of the best of its genre) the name of the new counterstrike was quickly found: “Across 21st Gaudystreet”. The cover with black mustache & dark sunglasses shows the differences to other compilations: fewer of Blaxploitation more of Poliziotteschi. Featuring the all-time-favorite-composers ‘Guido & Maurizio deAngelis’, the incredible ‘Orchestra Ambros Seelos’ or the interesting ‘I Gres’, to name but a few examples for funky European music. Meanwhile, it was usual to give every song a dramaturgic edit, to mix it up & to create a convincing artwork. So enjoy the next big hit by Black Belt Jones. Don’t miss the nice “Fania All Stars Edit”, the extraordinary sound of “Airto Fogo” or the got-to-have-that-record-funk of Ramsey & Co.’s “Love Call”. The icing on the cake is the special guest appearance by “K” a.k.a. Klaus Kinski, who’s got some warm German words for all of us. And please bear with some self-given titles, but my Italian is not as good as my Swahili…

↘↘↘ Black Belt Jones presents “Across 21st Gaudystreet OST” (2004)

01. Flight Over Berlin
02. Being Back, Makin’ Noise
03. Tema Da ‘Across 21st Gaudystreet’
04. Bar Investigations
05. Finding Suspect Beer
06. Late Night Action On Scaffold & T’s Unused Bed
07. Signore Del Amore Trains His Love Muscle
08. Well, Log Means…(Incepparsi Del Ceppo)
09. Where Cruising Ends
10. ‘T’ Introduces ‘B’ Into The Wonderful World Of Smut
11. At T.N.T.’sYour Dreams Come True (If You Gotta Money!)
12. Cruisin’ in ‘B’- Mobile
13. New Adventures In Beer
14. Double Chick-Trap
15. Dixi’s End
16. Fighting Without Toe
17. Cruising With Signore Del Amore (Buying Meat Anthem)
18. Two Team On The Way
19. Kings Of Clubscene
20. 36 Floor (Theme From Elevator)
21. Girls, Guns N’ Gambling
22. Plan ‘B’ (All On Red)
23. Bad Consequences Being Croupier
24. Inseguimento Di Casino Del Obligat
25. ‘T’s Subway Sleep & ‘B’s Stupid Laugh
26. Real Horse Salami
27. Sure He Did! Signore’s Intermezzo
28. Hitting The Streets The Old Way
29. This Could Have Been Danamyte’s Theme
30. Trasportatori Della Birra
31. Meeting Jam Master Jules & The Jaegermeister Cooperation
32. Waiting For The Next Episode
33. Arrivederci Per Il Momento
34. Tema Di Conclusione Da ‘Acroos 21st Gaudystreet’

Booze Connection OST

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(Full size images inside the zip)

At the end of this fantastic year 2003 with an incredible output, Jackie Treehorn decided to finally accept Mr Jones as his partner. Deeply impressed by all the inventions this guy had made, he started to produce “Booze Connection OST”, a real masterpiece which is still one of his favorites. So for the first time “T” invited Slick “TNT” Jackson and Junior “The Pimp” to be part of the next big thing, and apart from that he even managed to convince Berlin’s #1 Booze Fighter Danamyte D to join the line-up.
The result was a soundtrack that exceeded all expectations!
To get “B” down on his knees (surely not for a talk into the pink microphone as he might have hoped), Jackie Treehorn hit him with the full force of his audio-visual arsenal, creating an extremely slick artwork and picking a selection of killer-tracks, which he edited and mixed to an ear-blasting plot. No chase too fast, no cruise too slow, no bid too high and no joke too tasteless. Adding some bad bitches and a couple of beers, he was done setting the pattern for what was to come.

Be sure not to miss all this wah-wah madness, from Apollis via Jesse Anderson to the Montgomery Express. Also pay attention to T’s Gun Fight Edit of Willie Chase and the alcohol-driven Ape Shuffle and Executive Party, perfectly delivering the flavor of the TwoTeam’s working day straight into your ears.
And if any of you guys know tracks 4 & 5, please drop me a line! These heavy ones I once discovered on a mixtape by Mr Ken Sport (Prescription #2, go get it at Mass’s place), who wasn’t willing to answer me …

↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn presents “Booze Connection OST” (2003)

01 Introducing Jackie Treehorn
02 Introducing Black Belt Jones
03 Theme From “Booze Connection”
04 The TwoTeam Hits The Road
05 Streets Of Berlin
06 Junior’s Return
07 Black Belt At The Office
08 “T” Takes Him For A Ride
09 Unexpected Chase
10 Bad, Bad Bitches – TNT’s Lament
11 Hello … What We Got Here!?
12 Damn Fly – Black Belt & Treehorn Theme 3
13 They’re Just Doing Their Job
14 Barbecue At Junior’s Place
15 Undercover Investigation
16 Follow This Car!
17 Cruisin’ To Kuuz
18 Cinzano Theme
19 Gunfight At The Kuuz
20 Drinkin’ With Danamyte
21 Enough Tip – Black Belt’s Love Theme
22 The Morning After
23 Where’s The Chicks? – Cruisin’ Horny
24 Junior’s Last Ride
25 Black Belt Wants Beer – And Gets It!
26 Don’t Call Me “White Belt”!
27 Pursuit Of The Cruising Mobile
28 Faster, Pendejo!
29 End Theme From “Booze Connection”

Cruisin’ Brothers OST

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Strike!!! “Cruisin’ Brothers OST” is the 2nd official ‘Jones’-release of a TwoTeam-adventure. In September 2003, only a few month after “2 Tough Guys” hits the floor, an even more funkier sampler should straighten out who’s the champ of diggin’ the funky crates. Themes of chase & cruising, more funk & more blaxploitation are the ingredients of this copshow-receipt. “The Tough Guys are back” was the working title, and this time the fictive names of the tracks are more “title” than “fictive”! I wouldn’t be called ‘Black Belt’, if I don’t bring the whole thing to the next level. I questioned myself: ‘Something is still missing for a Soundtrack of a Motion Picture?’ – Sure! Scenes from the flick! Here we got the first booklet in the young TwoTeam-History.

Let’s jump into the muscle-car, get your guns n’ booze out of the glove box and join the funny wah-wah-action with the twoteam…

↘↘↘ Black Belt Jones presents “Cruisin’ Brothers OST” (2003)

No°1 Title
01. Impressions from work
02. Intro: start the wah wah tape
03. Title theme from “cruisin’ brothers”
04. The streetbeaters are back in town
05. Just two smart guys
06. Break it loose – main theme from “cruisin’ brothers” (vocal)
07. Some latinos want trouble
08. Driving through the blocks
09. Stealing beer
10. Swill it down
11. Cruising after the chase
12. Don’t even think about it, punk!
13. Black belt investigates
14. Something’s wrong in harlem
15. Run treehorn run
16. Badaaassed girls
17. Black belt is laying the pipe (below belt theme)
18. There might be new chicks in town
19. Shake the tree (treehorn’s horny tree theme)
20. They don’t pay alimony
21. Shifting gears
22. At the club
23. Barkeeper from kuuz (dany’s theme)
24. Don’t drink & drive
25. Bacterial cocktails (the awakening)
26. No time for headache
27. His name is black belt jones
28. Still tough
29. Cruisin’ anthem (black belt & treehorn theme, part II)
30. Walking through lonely streets
31. It’s time to kick some asses

Tracks former known as:

No°1 Artist Track
01. Police sequence
02. Willie Hutch Chase
03. JJ Johnson Across 110th street
04. Manu Dibango African battle (B’s edit)
05. Johnny Pate Shaft in africa (addis) (B’s edit)
06. Onyx Break it loose (part II)
07. African Music Machine Congas
08. Manu Dibango Wouri
09. Herbie Hancock Bring down the birds (B’s edit)
10. Freedom Now Sissy walk
11. African Music Machine A girl in france (B’s edit)
12. Gene Page Blacula strikes
13. Rudy Ray Moore The rumble
14. Dayton Sidewinders Funky in here
15. Barry White & Love Unlimited Orchestra You gotta case
16. Gordon Staples & The Motown Strings Strung out
17. The Fatback Band Mister bass man
18. M.F.S.B. k-jee
19. The Chakachas Jungle fever
20. Johnny Pate Truck stop (B’s edit)
21. Incredible Bongo Band Bongolia
22. Rare Funtion Disco function
23. Gil Scott-Heron Living in the bottle (edit)
24. Quincy Jones Hikky burr (edit)
25. Jean Jaques Perrey e.v.a.
26. Bill Chase Get it on
27. Manu Dibango Soul machine (B’s edit)
28. The Blenders Ltd. When ya git through wit it put it back (B’s edit)
29. 4th Coming The dead don’t die alive (part I)
30. Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland Ain’t no love (in the heart of the city)
31. Rudy Ray Moore Major’s get-a-way

Treehorn On The Run OST

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Treehorn On The Run OST

Still cruisin’ around in 2003, enjoying the great success of “Treehorn Trouble OST”, Jackie Treehorn was hit by an unexpected counterstrike of a former unknown guy named “Black Belt Jones”: “2 Tough Guys OST”. He reacted as everybody would have done, with scepticism: A new partner? He would have to prove being proficient in T’s technique!
Definitely being amazed by the inventions of the rookie (Extending the line-up with some well-known bastards and naming the tracks after real circumstances), he also noticed the annoying fact of the tracks being unmixed.

So it didn’t disconcert him and he decided to continue his solo career with “Treehorn On The Run”, which later would be known as the last solo case for Jackie Treehorn.

Similar to “Treehorn Trouble” though, the movie itself was a flop again, whereas the soundtrack was another kick in the balls. Introduced by the flute tunes of Jeremy Steig, some vocal tracks from Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers meet classic funky percussion gems (Catch A Groove, Cramp Your Style …) along with the outstanding Razor Blade. The tracks are mixed again, but not yet edited here (which would have been no bad idea with the way too long wah-killer Theme from “Savage”).

↘↘↘ Jackie Treehorn presents “Treehorn On The Run OST” (2003)

2 Tough Guys OST

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2 Tough Guys OST

Based on the glorious idea of Mr. Treehorn to create a soundtrack of a movie staring himself, in mid 2003 “2 Tough Guys O.S.T.” was born: a funky tune with elementary tracks. So what’s new? First of all, the most important thing was to introduce myself in the world of “twoteamfunk”, named after the incredible and almost well-known legend “Black Belt Jones”! But even more than that there was the great idea of giving fictive names to the tracks like in a new composed soundtrack. The names of the tracks all based on things & stories that happened me & mr. Treehorn. Some are true & some are more true. So, the whole things starts to get funny as well.

Of course I forgot, he gave me a thousand… “T.N.T Jackson” and “Junior, The Pimp”, both guys we used to know, are part in that (and later) twoteam-adventures.

“2 Tough Guys” was a funky foretaste of what is to come…

↘↘↘ Black Belt Jones presents “2 TOUGH GUYS OST” (2003)